Doing Business with people, planet and profit coming first!

Every business has conscious aspects. Discover how conscious your company is!

Conscious Business connects and supports companies to achieve an accelerate the transition to doing business where all stakeholders prosper.

Research shows that conscious businesses outperform. And nothing works better than hearing from other entrepreneurs and leaders how they are working on their transition, solving challenges and finding win-win-win solutions.

Conscious Business is an international movement. We support with our Conscious Business Journey:

Building a business environment where all prosper

Companies can do good and be successful at the same time.

Conscious Business supports the movement of companies that know that profit and growth are an outcome not a strategy. That you are only successful if the world around you is also doing well. Conscious leaders therefore take into account all stakeholders who are directly or indirectly connected to their company.

Conscious Business introduces a Holistic Economic Business Model. This model gives leaders insight into the parts of the organisation which are being held back from becoming more successful. Or better, where the opportunities lie to develop further as a conscious business and unlock energies dormant pulling your business into a successful future .

Practice has shown that when this model is applied properly, not only shareholders and investors benefit, but all stakeholders. If a win-win solution is found with a stakeholder, there often turns out to be a third unexpected and important win. ‘One that does good, receives  good’ seems to be one of the laws of this holistic approach that clearly maps all aspects necessary for a conscious, successful organisation in one model.

Advantages of a conscious business:

  • Is resourceful and future proof
  • Has engaged co-workers
  • Builds trust and long term partnerships both internally and externally
  • Builds Purpose brands growing twice as fast
  • Attracts talent and knows how to retain them
  • Is highly innovative