Next guest: Peter Matthies. July 10th 18 pm

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist, software entrepreneur, and founder of the Conscious BusinessInstitute (CBI). 

Before founding CBI, he served as Principal of a globally leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, Apax Partners, and later for b-business partners, a $1 billion pan-European VC fund.

He established the CBI in 2005 and has pioneered a widely adopted system for building more human-centric organizations. CBI aims to help companies flourish through a measurable, scalable, academically validated system.

Since its founding, CBI reached over 60,000 professionals across 172 countries, among them some heavy-weights like BMW, Starbucks, Intel, Allianz, Siemens, SLB.

He’s a fellow of the World Business Academy and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. 

When at home in Santa Barbara, he gets a kick out of Aikido, Capoeira, sailing, and a good dance with his wife, Rosalina.

What moves Peter: I deeply believe that the most impactful gift we can give to someone is to see them at the level of their soul. When that happens,  everything changes – allowing that person to expand to a level of energy, clarity and purpose that has the power to transform the world. 
I intend to provide the space, the insights, and the pathway to access that inherent energy and power so that professionals at any level can create the life and the impact they’re here to create – so we can collectively make the changes our world needs.

What drove him to start his Conscious Business journey with CBI? 
All he reveals for now is that he received the insight to create CBI on a flight from New York to Charlotte.

Let’s find out about Peter’s starting insight, and what CBI’s methodical consists of and share his experiences on what makes conscious businesses truly flourish over the past. We’re looking forward to our Dialogue with this Conscious Thought Leader.

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