CB Journey

Your roadmap for transition

Our goal is to help companies become successful for all their stakeholders. To maximise this impact, we connect companies and their people online and offline, we offer tools and a business model to support them.

Education is there to train your own people to become ‘internal change agents’ and to create conscious leadership at all levels. We also do research to deepen understanding of implementing the model.

Conscious Business Scan

The Conscious Business Scan (free) maps out where your organisation is within the four pillars of the Holistic Conscious Business business model and how the relationship with your various stakeholders stands.

The results are presented in a 12-page report that also explains how the model works.

Once you’ve established where your company is now, you can learn in a one on one debrief see where your greatest opportunities for development lie and what the next steps can be to grow your company into the best version of itself.

Conscious Business Plan

When you have done your ‘one on one’ debrief of the CB Scan you have an idea on which area you can make the most progress. To fully understand where being a conscious business can lead you, how you can be successful for all your stakeholders, it is time to draft a complete plan.

You can do this by yourself with your team using our white paper the ‘CB Activator’. The Activator explains, illustrates with cases and points out what logical next steps are.

CB Design Sprint

The most effective and fast way to get to find out what your future as a conscious business looks like is the Conscious Business Design Sprint. With your team

Conscious Business Circles

Whom do you take serious the most? In our opinion it is other leaders in business who can best inspire you and co-create with you in building a conscious business.

With five other leaders at one of your companies you meet bi-monthly. The sessions will be moderated assuring a high level of conscious leadership, creativity, being listened to and defined actions moving forward.

Key themes are:

  • Personal development
  • Using the CB model to your advantage
  • Connecting your Purpose to CSRD objectives
  • Master mind

Stakeholder Inclusion

One of the many advantages of having a Higher Purpose is that it will pull your business to that high goal you have set. One of the ‘mechanisms’ is including your stakeholders in your journey: When your Purpose is right, you cannot achieve it on your own. You need your stakeholders to realise this. By making them prosper, they will make you successful.

Conscious Business will support you in how to identify them on other than the standard ways, build win-win-win relationships with them and help them (when applicable) become conscious businesses too.

Education, Research & Tools

In collaboration with our partners; Erasmus University Rotterdam (ICE) and the Conscious Business Institute, we organize leadership programs for members of the conscious Business movement. Conscious Business is human centered. Conscious leadership is prerequisite at every level of the organization.:

  • E-learning programma Conscious Business Institute
  • Executive Program Corporate Social Responsibility (ICE)
  • Impact in One Day Workshop (ICE)
  • Impact Strategie Programma (ICE)
  • Workshops, webinars and seminars by Conscious Business
  • Facilitated exchanges and round tables within the Conscious Business network (peer-to-peer)
  • Coaching individuals and teams

Together with our partner, Impact Center Erasmus (ICE), we conduct research into the effect of various interventions within the Holistic Business Economic Model of Conscious Business, the relationship between the various interventions and how to optimize further.

Members can participate in the research. They will be both growing as a conscious company and build a blueprint on how to do this. To be used in other parts of the organisation and also shared with members.


As Conscious Business we have developed tools that our members can use. Our members also share tools that they have developed themselves. After all, we are a movement and have to do it together. The tools are available on the learning environment, accessible to members.

This includes tools such as:

  • Step by step plan to arrive at your higher purpose
  • Rolling out a higher purpose effectively
  • Measuring culture
  • Building mutual trust
  • Conscious contracting
  • Mapping stakeholders

You are helping the movement by sharing your stories and tools with fellow members. What did you develop that moved your organisation ahead? Please share.

Through research, the contribution of the members and own development, the number of tools will continue to evolve.

In 20 years people will look back and say: “Can you believe there was a time when business didn’t care about anything other than making money?”