Embrace the movement

We are a community, supporting each other to grow as conscious businesses and be successful for all the stakeholders attached to our business.

We are a movement, proving that there is a way of doing business that can be successful for all stakeholders and outperform traditional businesses.

This is how you can start the Conscious Business journey:

1. Explorative (free): Finding out what it takes for companies to be successful for all their stakeholders and to discover where your organisation is on the spectrum of a conscious business by doing the scan. You will receive information to explore the topic and start thinking what you can do to transform.

Personal membership.

2. Initiative: Developing a plan to transition towards being a conscious business. We offer information and tools that make clear where your greatest opportunities lie to be more successful for all your stakeholders and set up a plan start transforming.

Personal membership.

3. Transformative: Your organisation is seriously committed to being a conscious business, you start to apply tools and methods of conscious leadership and culture and begin to uncover the magic of reinforcing the 4 pillars. You are not alone on this path. In you circle with leaders from other companies, you inspire each other to take the next steps.

Company membership.